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We love Jay Dee

In posse on 2006/08/20 at 2:26 pm

Big thanks to DSTRBO and Turf One for this excellent mural, painted at a recent ?uestlove DJ gig in Montreal.

  1. Lookout blogosphere, the Binge&Purge network is upon us.

  2. Scott, i think you need more fibre in your blogging diet…

  3. Yeah, I love Jay Dee aka J Dilla cause he changed my life forever…ever
    Big up!!

  4. please please please please someone contact me about purchasing “Jay Love Japan”. Of all the info on this page, nothing tells me how to purchase a copy of that CD. Please help me all of you lovers of Hip Hop. Point me in the right direction. Please please….. contact me

    I would really appreciate it thanx and Mojuba (respect)

  5. J Dilla Is tha best ever! Dont limewire him or say he influences u and make bullshit ass beats. If u do this, Ima fuck u up!

  6. ja love japan…a anotha masterpiece from the great beatmaker and mc… rip james yancey

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