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In posse on 2006/11/23 at 2:57 pm

If it wasn’t for this picture of my mother and my grandmother watching over me, I’d probably be dead or in jail right now. If that sounds like an exageration, that’s because it is. This picture hung on the wall of my grandmother’s house in New Glasgow, Nova Scotia, for as long as I can remember. On the day of my grandmother’s wake, my mother, Laura May Clyke, told me I could have this picture while she was nodding off on the couch. She tells the story that I waited until she was incoherent to ask if I could have it, knowing full well that she never would have parted with it if she was awake. I made her a digital copy of the picture, and she doesn’t hassle me anymore. My grandmother, Catherine “Bella” Clark died in 1999, having been the only female deacon of the Second United Baptist Church. She was also a lifetime member of the Council of Women of Canada, part of the Inter-Racial Council lobbying for equal rights in New Glasgow’s black community, and active in the New Glasgow Head Start School, which reached out to black and native children in the community. She was known for her tea biscuits, oat cakes, and cookies.

  1. I’m so honoured to have these ladies as grandparents.

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