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Hurdy gurdy man…

In posse on 2007/09/03 at 10:36 pm

I have been forever immortalized by my good friend Jean Labordette, aka Turf One. He painted me for an upcoming show that he’s doing in New York this November. I’m trying to picture this hanging on the wall in some rich New York soicialite’s house, on a second floor landing overlooking a huge winding staircase and foyer, with a massive crystal chandelier hanging overhead. Yeah. That, or in a dingy pawnshop greeting customers with a smile as they come in the door to hock their hallowed belongings for a fraction of their actual worth. That could work too. Either way, Jean is a genius and I’m honored to be in his repertoire.

  1. i’d buy that for a dollar

  2. That would be dope either way. Lost in a pawn shop or in some rich person’s house. I really like this piece. Are you rocking a moustache these days? Or is that what they call artistic license?

  3. You’ve been tagged. Feel free to ignore the lame chain game or answer it and get a free pint (maybe). Details on my site.

  4. You’re gonna be hanging up next to “The Kramer”

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