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Dam-Funk’s Boogie Funk 2008

In posse on 2008/02/27 at 4:28 am



1.THE ANTILLES – “I’ve Got To Have You” :: Creole / ’83
2.GODMOMA – “Godmoma Here” :: Elektra / ’81
3.CIRCLE CITY BAND – “Magic” (instr ver.) :: Circle City / ’83
4.UNO – “Boogie Beat” :: Tryon Park / ’80
5.RAH BAND – “Messages From The Stars” :: TMT / ’83
6.SIDE ON – “Magic” :: Beggars Banquet / ’83
7.SAVANNA – “Never Let You Go” :: R&B / ’82
8.ZALMAC – “I Get Down” :: TSOB / ’82
9.VAUGHAN MASON ft. BUTCH DAYO – “You Can Do It” (instr. ver.) :: Salsoul / ’83
10.WIZARD – “It’s On” :: Chocolate Cholly’s / ’82
11.GASTON – “Everywhere a Funk, Funk” :: Chocolate Cholly’s / ’81
12.CAROL CHINNETE w/ The Concrete Band – “Cyanide Love” :: Zilco / ’84
13.AARON BROOMFIELD – “Polyphase (Instrumental Poly Rythums) :: Mountain / ’83
14.*WYND CHYMES – “Baby You’re The One” :: Shakin’ / ’80 (*’D-F’; The 1st selector on the west-coast, maybe all of the U.S., to play this particular ‘original press’ rare 45″ out!)
15.INDEX – “Starlight (The Break)” :: Record Shack of London / ’81
16.FIREFLY – “Show Me Tonight” :: Emergency / ’82
17.NEXUS – “Stand Up” (instr. ver) :: Mr. Disc / ’83
18.JAMES PANTS – “Ka$h” (instr. ver.) :: Stones Throw / ’07
19.THE VERDICT – “That’s Where I Come In” :: Nuance / ‘8?
20.PEE WEE – “Be My Girl” :: Streetwise / ’82
21.BARON ZEN – “Burn Rubber” (dãm-funk Remix / instr. ver.) :: Stones Throw / ’07

  1. Dam-funk is a Genius!

  2. Tracks are ill, but dude can’t mix to save his life.

    Trainwrecks galore

  3. @ xlpxl; it’s probably because he’s a musician first and a DJ second. Not the other way around. I’ve even heard him say he considers himself to be more of a selector and not a DJ/turntablist by any means. He just started sharing his record collection out with the public I think a few years ago. He was making music way before that already. This may explain the ‘occasional’ trainwreck here and there within his mixes. I feel he’s not even trying to be a Mr. Superduper, beatmatching to the T, elbow scratching DJ! He seems to be more about content and not tricks. Just my observation.

  4. Dam Funk kills it. Going to see him at the LA Museum of Natural History tonight, woot! I agree with Fabian – if you read about Dam Funk’s recording style it is unreal – makes his tracks all that more impressive. He’s definitely a musician first and not focusing solely on DJing.

  5. @ xlpxl… I spoke to DâM-FUNK right after he put this one together.. he even told me its kinda rough.. but its the content.. can you pull out some wax like this podcast? the guy can blend with the best…you probably haven’t seen him perform live…cues up record with such ease.. just feels the the beats as he spins… don’t let one rough mix fool you xlpxl …. wheres your wax and your mixes ? easy to shake salt and hate from the sidelines like a cheerleader… DâM~FUNK is a musician… he makes his own music, while DJ’s – well all they got is their records… so thats why they hold onto their egos so tight, even though all they are doing is spinning other peoples music, thinking they own it because they are ” DJs ” … the dude can mix, scratch, blend, produce, and sing… and don’t you know that this podcast is the one that started the explosion??? get ya mind right… much respect to DâM~FUNK….

  6. regardless, Dam Funk is character, albeit inconsistent, but when he brings the burners….pure heat.

  7. Só falta um site pra baixar os CDs deste cabra

  8. Mate.. loving everything df right now.. thanks for sharing cant wait to check him in Sydney..

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