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Frank Conakry’s African digging documentary (trailer)

In posse on 2008/05/07 at 4:03 pm

“NY based documentary film maker Leigh Iacobucci followed me around on my latest one-month digging trip through Ghana, Togo and Benin. This is a first trailer she put together after being back home for only a few days. There’ll be another, better trailer within a few days and perhaps also a live clip with Gilles Gnonnas performing his fathers’ Afrobeat bomb “okpo videa bassouo” (on the Life Is A Game Mix).

We also had interviews with El Rego (green hat), Gustave Bentho (from Poly Rythmo seen with his bass) and Danialou Sagbohan (multi-instrumentalist who played with Poly Rythmo in the 70s, spent years playing at the Afro Spot in Lagos and is still one of Benin’s most respected musicians. He broke open a bottle of Black Label at 8:00 am while singing, dancing and drumming on the table… good times!).”

thanks to In Dangerous Rhythm

  1. WOW! I need to get this dokumentary! My father is from Benin…I used to get some afro stuffs like he used to do but this GUY is what I call a real digger!! Scott? please let know me if u get more info about this !!!

  2. I was in Benin before I came to Montreal. But, it was before I was into recs. Now I’m kickin’ myself.

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