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Biennale Montreal 2009 Open Music Project

In posse on 2008/06/02 at 11:58 pm

I’m very happy about my involvement in a very exciting open source music project that was officially announced during a press conference for the BNL MTL 2009 on May 26 at Cinematheque Quebecois. Along with my good friend Claudio Marzano, we’re presenting Open Music: SOUNDSCAPES , an open source music initiative that puts the course of creativity into the hands of the general public. BNL MTL 2009 Creative Director Scott Burnham‘s enlightened vision of embracing the age of Web 2.0, while pushing the traditional curation models of international art exhibitions, is a concept that reveals itself in other 2009 projects dedicated to Open Cinema and Open Design.

It all started with a painting from Montreal artist Rick Leong. Dancing Serpent in Dawn’s Quiet was a part of Rick’s MFA thesis at Concordia University, and was bought by the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts and added to its permanent collection. We then commissioned Montreal pianist/composer David Ryshpan to create an original piece of music based on the painting, which was recorded May 15th at McGill University. From this piece of music, we’re looking to generate as many remixes and reinterpretations as possible over the next year, making the original recording, all it’s individual tracks, and even the sheet music available for the general public to download and work with. As well as inviting any interested musicians, producers and DJs to take part in this great concept, we’ve also asked a handful of artists to participate, contributing their trademark sound to the project. When the Biennale finally arrives in May 2009, we’ll be able showcase some of the remixed works at a live performance and exhibition, as well as offering a limited edition LP of notable remixes curated by Claudio and myself. The larger body of remixed work will be available right on the BNL MTL website.

I’ve talked to many of you about this already, but now is the time to get involved. Please email me at if you want to get your hands on the music and get busy, or keep checking for information on all that the Biennale has to offer in the run up to 2009.


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