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Nasty Nas – The Hidden Crate mixed by DJ Ayres

In posse on 2008/07/15 at 3:35 pm

I know some of you are still digesting Nas’ new record, but if you want to bone up on some older material before he hits Montreal on July 22nd, DJ Ayres has done you a favor.

1. Live at the BBQ feat. Main Source
2. Back to the Grill feat. MC Serch
3. Halftime
4. Represent
5. One Love (Detention Ball Remix)
6. Still Ain’t Hard to Tell (DJ Day Remix)
7. It Ain’t Hard to Tell (Danger Mouse Remix)
8. Verbal Intercourse feat. Raekwon, Ghostface
9. Eye for a Eye feat. Nas, Raekwon, Mobb Deep
10. Fast Life feat. Kool G Rap (Vinyl Reanimators Remix)
11. The Firm – ‘Affirmative Action’
12. The Firm – ‘Phone Tap’
13. In Between Us feat. Scarface
14. The Second Coming
15. Doo Rags
16. 50 Cent & Nas – ‘Too Hot’
17. Nas Is Like
18. Made You Look (Remix)
19. Thief’s Theme
20. Escobar Freestyle
21. Get Down
22. Peedi Crakk & Oschino – ‘Freestyle’
23. Lord Finesse – ‘Bad Mutha’
24. Impeach the President (Honey Drippers)
25. I Can (Juliano Creator remix)
26. Me and Nas Bring it to You Hardest feat. Slick Rick
27. AZ – ‘Tradin Places’
28. Know My Style (Remix)
29. Drop It Like it’s Hot feat. Snoop (DJ Ayres Remix)
30. Nasty feat. Janet Jackson (Cosmo Baker Remix)
31. Quick to Back Down
32. Streets of NY feat. Rakim
33. Serious feat. AZ

download here

from The Rub


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