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Roadsworth: Crossing the Line trailer

In posse on 2008/07/23 at 12:06 am

Really excited about a new movie about my old friend Peter Gibson. The Gibernaut has always been one talented guy, and it’s great to see him making a name for himself on the cold, hard pavement.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Roadsworth’s notoriety, already well-entrenched in Montreal and the art world, is about to spread. Director Alan Kohl and the National Film Board have just released a new documentary about Peter Gibson and his imaginative stencil graffiti. Here’s the official synopsis to accompany the six-minute trailer you can see above:

Shortly after the events of 9/11, Peter Gibson (a.k.a. Roadsworth) began a playful dialogue with the citizens of Montreal through a series of artistic interventions. Using stencils and paint, he set out to transform a crosswalk into a row of birthday candles, and double lines on the street into a zipper. He had to face charges for over 80 counts of mischief. His art has quietly aroused the imagination of passers-by, but media reports of his arrest thrust him into the limelight. What followed was a public dialogue on art and public space. Artistic communities support Roadsworth, but in the city’s eyes, he has crossed the line.

You can watch more clips from the film on the NFB’s CITIZENShift blog. I’m not entirely sure when the film will be released on DVD but the packaging, designed by local firm Pink Gorilla, looks fabulous.



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