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Talib Kweli documentary trailer from Nonstop Movie Works

In posse on 2008/07/25 at 4:41 am

Vodpod videos no longer available.

  1. Godddamn! We’ve been patient… Can we have a new BlackStar album now?

  2. Yo about dam time Kweli one of the illest to ever touch a mic! His flow is inpectable and the message in the music is real. Its finally about got dam time mc’s with real skill and some real substance in thier music get some shine!!! But yo I gotta to agree when can we here another Blackstar album? The world needs it just like the last NAS album that just dropped it something that just had to be done. Peace & blessings to all, hip hop rock on and in case u ain’t know we’ll be back so hate on Deeeeeetroit basketball!

  3. Greetings Brother super kweli I tink it abt time u came 2 south africa

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