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Tupac Shakur: the most overrated person in music (I told you so)

In posse on 2008/09/13 at 5:14 pm

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – Dead rapper Tupac “2Pac” Shakur, the hip-hop icon who sold more records after he was murdered than during his brief career, is the most overrated person in music, according to music magazine Blender.

Shakur tops a tongue-in-cheek list that also includes “places, trends and other junk in rock,” Blender said in its upcoming October issue, due on newsstands next week.

Other overrated finalists included the Grammys at No. 7, encores at No. 12, Pink Floyd at No. 14 and “the music you loved as a teenager” at No. 23.

Shakur, a “gangsta” rapper who showed his sensitive side in movies, was killed during an unsolved drive-by shooting in Las Vegas in 1996. More than a dozen albums have been released in the ensuing years, and his image is almost as ubiquitous as that of Che Guevara or Bob Marley.

But while Shakur was a decent rapper with “insane rock-star charisma,” according to Blender, he also “larded records with self-mythologizing, mediocre filler.”

It’s not the first time the pages of Blender have been used to bring down Shakur a few notches. In its June issue, rapper Lil Wayne listed him among his top five rappers, but then admitted: “I can’t front: I was never into Pac.”

As for the Grammys, the music industry’s top awards, Blender said sitting through the ceremony was “like watching paint dry on Celine Dion’s forehead.”

And encores were notable chiefly for allowing bands to go backstage and do drugs while fans wonder if they should beat the rush to the parking lot, Blender said.

Veteran British rock band Pink Floyd, meanwhile, were responsible for “unbearable LSD slapstick” and “self-important bombast.” And Blender warned that teenagers’ brains “can inflate a great band to Christ-size proportions” and turn a bad song into the most meaningful.

via SpineMagazine

  1. FUCK all HATERS!

  2. Who’s the fuckin pinheaded pencil pushin idiot that comes up with this bullshit.. I’ll second the notion. FUCK all HATERS!!

  3. fuck uz 2pac was remembered coz hiz lyrics came from the heart!! all i got to say is “keep ya head up” ….. btw 2pac and lil wayne were mate’s


  5. tupac was the best rapper to ever live and will always be remembered!

  6. Whoever wrote this article is not only biased to broad concept, but lacks the basic depth of a fucking toddler. Anyone who has ever listened to Tupac’s lyrics intently cannot rationally say that there is no point to his music. I guess this pencil dick just needs to open his mind. And get some pussy!

  7. Ya know I honestly cant believe that lil wayne would say lil wayne’s is a freestyle rapper. I love his music but it dont mean shit. 2 Pac shit came from the heart and honestly when i listen to his music it makes me think and understand what hes been through and to a point has made me look at life a little different he was a straight up guy and said what he thought and didnt brag about his money and shit he an honest guy and in my eyes the best rapper who ever lived…

  8. ya fuck whoever wrote this. tupac is the greatest rapper to have ever lived. the (i told you so) really pisses me off. fuck blender magazine, fuck spine magazine, and fuck whoever wrote this. Tupacs songs have more meaning than any other artist ive ever listened to.

  9. the haters are actually all the guys hatin’ on the truth … 2pac was alright, but he was overrated … and to call him “the greatest mc that ever lived”?! n**ga please … y’all don’t know scat about music, if you’re serious about that.

    rakim, baby … but y’all fools wouldn’t understand, anyway.

  10. As someone who held a great appreciation of Pac’s music while he was alive I think when people label him among the greats its is due to the personal connection that he was easily able to establish through his lyrics; it was as though he was talking to you personally.

    Pac was not the greatest lyricist or at least he did not display himself as such because it is clear that he was well-read and highly intelligent. Based on what they each displayed to the world if he and BIG would have gone verse for verse Pac would’ve have lost but in passionate communication of his point (whatever it was in a particular song) Pac is unmatched by any emcee or rapper before or since. The closest might be Ghostface because though I don’t always get his point but his passion is off the charts.

    So is Pac overrated….Not at all! He is just loved by a wealth of people who may not be able communicate as clearly as he could but still want the world to know how they felt about him. Couple this with the fact that whomever felt the need to write an article about it 13 years after his death during a period when I can easily forget a rapper 13 seconds after the track ends definitely makes him worth being listed among the greats…where on that list depends solely on what you like in an emcee

  11. fuck all you haters. i am 14 years old have lived in the gehtto and i can honestly understand every think pac speaks about through his music. he is the only rapper who i can truley relate to and no matter who you are you can relate to pac in someway. He was without a dought the realist rapper who ever existed. rest in peace macaveli

  12. Tupac is the best 4 ever ya
    the don Makaveli ,forgive them

  13. i just read dis crap!!!!!!!fuck lilwayne he aint gat no records,he aint no legend en he wont be remembered 4 his money tupac sang frm de heart and abt wat he saw in the ghetto we dont give a fuck abt wat u think bt i am sure de world will 4eva rememba pac fuck wayne



  16. Yea fuck Spin magazine in its about to be bankrupt ass.

    You can see from the responses what the people think..we’d all lose that magazine and be happy about it..yet Tupac is still mourned more than ten years later.

    When Spin goes bankrupt in the next couple of years no one will give a shit more than ten minutes later. Tupac was flawed for sure but a great artist who’s sense of style and overall flow is matched by Biggie and old school rappers alone..makes Jay Z sound like an amateur..and Jay Z makes Lil Wayne sound like an amateur.

  17. whose*

    And pardon my language.

  18. YO fuck all that shit tupac is the greatest mc of all time who are you to call him the most “overrated rapper of all time ” fuck that elvis michael jackson nobody did as much for their causes as tupac shakur did

  19. tupac is the best rapper and the best musician who ever lived whose lyrics touched millions of people. fuck spine, fuck lil wayne, fuck blender and fuck any mother fucker who agrees with this BULLSHIT!!! tupac will always be remembered for his music for being a survivor and for the impact he had to the world. where as whoever wrote this makes NO difference to the world and no one will give 2 shits when he/she dies, 2 pac was out there tryin to change the world for the better nd you chatting shit about him well FUCK YOU!!!!

  20. 2pac, although incredibly overrated by many (including comments above, and possibly below in the future) is not the most overrated rapper / musician in music because lil wayne takes the cake. He is the most successful rapper out there with none of the talent. 2pac was ok and after his death and Biggy’s death, (may they rest in peace) both artists became incredibly popular. They are both overrated artists and for anyone to say that they were’nt are not questioning if it could be true, rather they are stubbornly following what they have told themselves, heard, or have been fed. Furthermore calling someone a “hater” is what lil wayne fans use to defend his music. As far as Jay-Z goes, he is on and off (bp3 is OFF, and Jay-Z knows; he is NOT che guevara with bling on (Public Service), or Sinatra at the opera (bp3)… etc.). Please debate me I want to see someone coming up with a good argument against this…

  21. Fuck this shit i just read. This is bullshit. Tupac Shakur was the best rapper to ever live and not just for his music, for the message that he sent out.


  23. 2Pac had something to say in his music despite never winning a Grammy. All these lame new rappers and music artists…most of them do nothing but say ‘I got this I got that,’ ‘Break up and I’ll kiss a whatever,’ and stuff like that. Lil’ Wayne stinks; 50 Cent can’t write a good song if his life depended on it; J. Lo is one of the most overrated celebrities known to humankind; Ashlee Simpson and Britney Spears are rotten garbage; and Miley Cyrus won’t last long, either. Oh, and fuck Shakira, fuck Ricky Martin, and fuck Katy Perry!

  24. Fuck lil wayne

  25. That’s right, fuck lil’ wayne!!! Little Wayne sucks huge nuts, he is a terrible rapper.

  26. who ever wrote this shitty article about pac is a stupid muthafucka.

  27. If pac ain’t dead i’ll continue being his 1 of his best fan 4eva (west side) THUGS TILL WE DIE

  28. is this a fuhkin joke!?!?
    look it aint like im ignorant n all i listen to is hip hop but damn, I can honestly say that hearing tupac’s voice brings a smile to my face. the fact that he aint around no more brings a tear to my eye and how dare anyone ever try and say he didnt change the world n that hes over rated. you wanna talk over rated try the punk ass Biggie or that sucidal white boy Kurt Cobain… those fools are over rated.

  29. Tupac is the best fuck anyone who thinks different/overrated my fuckin ass he was the hardest working and smartest nigga to ever touch the mic his music reached everybody kiss my ass Spine go to hell
    with gasoline draws bitches/ I love Pac

  30. Tupac lives on inside everyones memories and in their hearts but some people just don’t realise that he wasn’t just a great rapper but he was agreat poet and if those haters took the time to acknoledge this they would have a diffrent opinion of his greatness

  31. obviously someone has never listened to pac’s lyrics. This is foolish, 2pac is a poet with a compassionate heart. Listen to the difference between lil’ wayne’s lyrics and 2pac’s, and see that lil’ wayne’s lyrics are empty and nonsense, so lil’ wayne calming he was never into pac just makes 2pac just that much better. 2pac wrote about things that mattered, about the youth, about the struggle, and the real.

  32. fuck spine bitchass Fagazine, 2pac is forever a God and Icon.

  33. fuck this piece of shit article. 2pac overrated? Fuck you , you must know jack shit about music

  34. Pac said: “i am not gonna change the world,but i guarantee that i will spark up the brains that will change the world”.who brought the lime lite to gangsta rap?who delivered messages to both the young & old in his music?who lived his words as it were depicted in his lyrics?2pac did all these.infact,2pac is the most underrated raper of all time.he’s a legend & a music god.he’s the last rapper to have ever lived.unconditional luv 4 u pac.ur legacy lives on.4k da critics

  35. ya but on sum real shit pac talk about life and struggle and i went through dat same shit so dat really helped me out so i just bang pac if im goin through or z-ro pac aint ova rated he really under rated most people dont really know about pacs life so you just kant down him really pay attention to tha shit he spit kuz its gone tuch u FUCK WAYNE O GAY ASS NIGGA dats real. B.D.C 4 lyf.

  36. wwwoooooooooooowwwwwwwww, everyone has already said all i would need to say 4real… read this for the first time just now, i cant believe my eyes, there are some real foolish people out there.. R.I.P.. T.A.S the greatest in every way..

  37. Awful article.

    Sack this fucking ass wipe.

    I hope he dies, of aids. GAY AIDS.

  38. Tupac is not in the slightest way overrated. He, along with NWA and Biggie, bridged the gap from blues to rap and hip hop. His emotion is shown quite clearly through his songs such as Baby Don’t Cry and Until the End of Time. He is an amazing talent and no one, not you, not your stupid article, not your gay lover, not your dike sister, nor your ho mother can take that away from his legacy. That’s why I have but one question to ask you. Are you outta yo damn mind?!!!

  39. the person who wrote thus piece is confused 2pac was the best rapper ever

  40. This should seal the cake on most of the debates that I have heard on this form. This response goes out to all East/West Coast, Dirty South and the Nasty North to all worldwide. To say Tupac is an overated artist is disrespectful to the Hip-Hop community at large! Before I give you my answer to refute this claim of Tupac being overrated. The key word here is “Crossover” Here are the reasons: 1. First of all to my brothers and sisters on the east coast who always want to throw Rakiem(who I think is one of the greatest MC’S to ever touch the mic)& KRS-1 and etc. As great as these MC’s are they were still only able to dominate the East Coast Markets and some of the Nasty North Markets. They did ok in other markets. Meaning they got respect, but not the national coast-to-coast love needed to support your claim. 2. Now let’s examine the career of Biggie Smalls (Potential Greatest of all time) Who was able to breakthrough coast-to-coast after the maturity of his first album. Here was an artist who in just two albums developed the skill to relate to all crowds. This MC was able to deliver a crisp poetic metaphoric delivery that has yet to be matched by another artist. What hurts Biggie claim of being no. 1 is the discography that he lacks. All we can do now is speculate and assume what he may have been, but when it comes to raw talent he is probably the best ever! Here we go Tupac Shakur No. 1 and this is why, to refute the foolishness wrote 12/3/09 by the “The Truth”(which I will debate you anytime! Anyday! Tupac was already incredibly famous and at the top of his game before his death) History, politics, sociology,Game, knowledge,activisim, you cant miss him he was on point. Rap is just one of many words to discribe the music of Tupac. Sometimes I thought he was an poet fronted like he was a rapper and then vice versa. The versatility of Tupac is what I want everyone to focus on. He was not a Method man/Ras Kas when came down to just raw-end metaphores, but he gave you just enough to hook you. He spit more gang-related then gangsta rap for the gangsta rap crowd, but they loved it all just the same! He was the Don juan to the ladies and well as a motivator and realist when it came to the way sisters & brotha’s should lived there lives. He dealt with all the hookwinked-government agensdas as well as the Uncle Tom’s. He was the jack of all trades in the Hip-Hop game dispite the shortcomings of his personal life (but no ones perfect but Christ). He also had the battles scars and the life to back his lyrics. He was a great composer. He put the perfect tracks/producers to match his timeless lyrics. He also has the record sales to back this claim 15 years after his death. Satistics show if you go nationwide and ask the question of “Who was the greatest rapper of all time?” 7 out of 10 people will quote his name and out of the other 3 he will be in there top 5 of greatest rappers of all time. The numbers don’t lie! He wasn’t overrated or just an ok rapper. And on another note, I aint trying to hate on this generation and it’s swag, but Lil Wayne shouldn’t even be mentioned in the same sentence with Tupac and some of the other artist I have named. I will say this again put Lil Wayne in his prime, were he is about now in the late 80’s and thur the 90’s to 2000 and he would have been just another ordinary rapper considering the talent at that time. Oh, I almost forgot he was around thur the 90’s. Like I said just another ordinary rapper “Light’s On” everyone.

  41. Wow I’m a rich white girl from Italy and even I know he’s the greatest rapper who ever lived, even though I haven’t been through the things he speaks about I see witnessed in living in America for 9 years!!! He was a poet and everything he rapped about had meaning and and made a difference! What the fuck is lil Wayne weak ass doing besides nothing!!!! He raps about disrespecting women, doing drugs, and making money in other words NOTHING!!! This article is a sack of shit and obviously they know nothing about great music, art and the real world. Get a life loser!!!!

  42. #overrated

  43. Your a bitch

  44. 2pac the realest nigga still to this day Lil Wayne not a gangsta he a rapper 2pac a gangsta/rapper/real nigga… PAC didnt fake it to make it he started from the bottom to the top Wayne a Bitch he was born with money he a put on ask he daddy birdman…lol white people stop writing about PAC let him live in peace bitch

    Pimpin R.o.b

    East Oakland finest 5900 seminary



  47. If I was left a memorial as a rapper looking like Errol Brown with fat legs I would turn in my grave ! Good riddance !!

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