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Public Transit Recordings: Next Stop compilation (free download)

In posse on 2008/10/07 at 5:39 pm

Finally! My brother from another mother Moonstarr has given me the OK to post this most delectable compilation from his label Public Transit Recordings. PTR is family, and have decided to include you in that extended fold by dropping this collection of broken, hip hop, electro-funk and future beat right in your lap for free. As you can see from the tracklist below, this bag of nuggets is coming from people like Moonstarr, Arch_Typ, Grahmzilla (Thunderheist), LAL, Think Twice (P-Vine), Karma & Lotus (Bank of Mount Real), Sarah Linhares, and yours truly, The Incubator. Enjoy.

click here for link to NEXT STOP on PTRMUSIC.COM

  1. Voice” Fantasy Pt1″ (Think Twice Rmx)
  2. Karma & Lotus “The Notice + Lost Beat Revised” (
  3. Think Twice “Stars” (
  4. LAL “Erase Me” (
  5. Tony Ezzy “Give A Damm” (
  6. Moonstarr “Broken Bossa”   (
  7. Arch_typ “3333” (
  8. LAL “Saturn (Alister Johnson Rmx)” (
  9. LAL “Dancing the Same (Abacus Remix)” (
  10. Murr “Addiction” (
  11. Incubator “Dakar Pockey” (
  12. Grahmzilla “Bionic” (
  13. Moonstarr “Into the Out” feat. Sarah Linhares (
  14. Insideamind “The Tiniest Spy” (
  15. Aadm “Piercing”
  1. Dynamite! Go Incubator!

  2. Nice one! Thanks to you and PTR. Sweet cover art too, my man.

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