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The Goods & director Pablo Aravena launch NEXT: A Primer on Urban Painting on DVD

In posse on 2008/11/17 at 1:15 am


  1. Can I come too!? No just trickin’ (as my zoo would say) But for real, I may be making a sneak peak into the 514…at some point so if I do, I want to buy a copy of Next …cuz Pablo you still haven’t told me how to buy a copy in Oz. And don’t think Jonas would fill me in either. Mr. Ethics is still dirty cuz the other Ravenda girl left the country. We do that. I warned him.
    yes that means Emilialouisaravenda
    you can take the girl out of montreal but you can’t take montreal outta da girl.

  2. Hi Em,

    To reply to your question. You can buy a DVD online from my website

    Hope Oz is treating you right

    Pablo A

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