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The Incubator: My very last column in the Montreal Mirror after 10 years…

In posse on 2008/11/21 at 9:06 am




After all the perpetual excitement and the overwhelming international response to Barack Obama’s sweep of the White House, I had to call my mom. A black president of the United States is definitely a dream fulfilled, bridging a massive generation gap and providing a once in a lifetime event for the entire world to see. My mother, however, was not one of those people standing on the hood of their car chanting “O-ba-ma, O-ba-ma,” but instead reminded me of the quiet power and positivity of a real change. Now, I know the hazy concept of change is being passed around like a massive blunt thanks to a certain presidential campaign, but the truth is I’ve taken a few pulls off of that bad-boy, and it’s time to embrace that change and say goodbye.

What you’re reading right now is the final installment of “The Incubator.” I was hired by former music editor Mireille Silcott, with The Incubator making its first appearance in the paper on November 5, 1998. I’ve had the amazing opportunity to meet and interview hundreds of artists from all corners of the globe, but more importantly, I’ve watched countless Montreal musicians, singers, MC’s, producers, DJs, filmmakers, photographers, visual artists, writers, dancers and designers come into their own and grow with the flow. I’m still overwhelmed by the never-ending crop of talented individuals that this city seems to inspire and foster on the regular, and even though I was born in Toronto (boo, hiss…), I’m tremendously proud to be a part of Montreal’s creative evolution.

I’d also like to thank all of you who’ve been following along for years, and whether we agreed or disagreed, it’s been great engaging and exchanging with all of you for so long. As many of you know, I’m a part of Montreal’s music scene, and will continue to work on various personal projects, as well as innovative ideas to stimulate and motivate the city’s vibrant creative community. In a strange twist of fate, this Saturday, Nov. 22, me and my fellow DJs from the mighty Brass Knuckles Crew (Simahlak, Simon B and Andy Williams) will reunite for one night only at Coda. I can’t think of a better way to mark the end of my days at the Mirror than with a proper party filled with great music, old friends and some new faces. Thank you for reading, and I hope to see you there.

7 reasons this is just the beginning…
1. Prince “Just As Long As We’re Together” (Warner)
2. MF Doom “Rhymes Like Dimes” (Fondle ’Em)
3. Musinah “Reconstruction” (RXLR)
4. Little Dragon “Scribbled Paper” (IND)
5. Jay Electronica “Exhibit A (Transformations)” (Guitar Center)
6. Coco Tea “Barack Obama” (CDR)
7. Nubian Mindz “Shades of Grey” (Bagpack)

  1. Woah!! That’s big news!

    I think Mirror readers far and wide are gonna miss you. But I guess they got this blog to hold ’em, right?

  2. This is an end to an era! Montreal will surely miss your weekly words of encouragement and musical wisdom! UP and away! On to bigger, greater, sweeter, and more brilliant things!

  3. just read the mirror and found out it was your last column. I think that & your interviews were the only thing i was looking forward too every week! For sure i will follow you on your blog!

    hold it down!


  4. Gimme the word and I’ll start mobilizing to bring your column back! It’s a MTL institution bro

  5. Going to miss seeing your words in print. I guess we’re all moving to the blogosphere. All the best.

  6. Thanks for all the columns and articles thru the years. Here’s to even brighter dayz for you Mr. C!

  7. Your words will definitely be missed!

  8. It’s sad but at the same time, like you said, it’s time for a change…i guess.
    Will continue to read your blog for sure.
    Once again thank your for supporting and participating to mtl ‘s rich cultural scene.
    keep on brother

  9. “The Montreal Mirror: Now Featuring a Lack of Relevant Cultural Journalism!”
    Oh well, their loss…
    The Incubator is dead ; LONG LIVE THE INCUBATOR!

  10. Again, thank you all for your encouraging words!! it means a lot to me…. s

  11. hey Scott,

    this news stinks !!!!!

    what am I supposed be reading with my friday morning beer ?:)

    Mr. S _ this is baaaad !!!

  12. Scott, I was a bit surprised to say the least…

    You had a good long run and in the process you spoke your mind and
    helped incourage a lot of local artist including myself. That won’t be

    The show ain’t over people! You know Scotty got some goods up his sleeve. Keep me posted.

    Talk soon.

  13. gonna miss the column but the blog will more than make up for that loss. 09 IS YOURS SON.

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