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Moonstarr: Instrumentals Forever “Tiger Funk” (free download)

In posse on 2008/11/26 at 3:53 am

My boy Moonstarr gave the nod to blast out a tune from his new LP, Instrumentals Forever, exclusively available from for the next 2 weeks as of today, and then everywhere else (iTunes etc.) after that.


Moonstarr is back with a vengeance! With the anticipated second full-length release on his own label Public Transit Recordings, called Instrumentals Forever. A worthy follow up to the bossa nova breakbeat and synth infused Dupont LP. On this release Moonstarr once again bridges gaps between hip hop, Brazilian rhythms, jazz vibrations and techno, with that classic Moonstarr swing and drum programming. But this time Moonstarr did bring some friends to help him along the way, including collabos with Sarah Linhares, LAL, Lotus Jai Nitai and Fineprint adding their own flavour to the record. Instrumentals Forever ventures into a variety of moods and eclectic beats from uplifting bossa tempos, on tracks like “Broken Bossa”, and “Break it down”, to positive energy for the dance floor, on heavy hitter tracks such as “Get Outside” and “String Theory”; and also flows to emotional, passionate, dark and moody melodies on head nodders like “Climax” and “Planets Collide”. As usual Moonstarr show’s his comedic side with skits and interludes in between that keep the album flowing from track to track. Enjoy the ride..

Moonstarr – Tiger Funk ft. LAL & guests.mp3

Public Transit Recordings


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