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Mark Pritchard aka Harmonic 313 – Dirtbox EP (WARP)

In posse on 2008/12/04 at 10:08 am


You can’t front on this filthy bass offering served up by Mark Pritchard, certain to arouse your bowels make you regular before songs end. Play this LOUD.


Admiringly once again Harmonic 313 bears zero resemblance to past work, 313 is the Detroit area code and in sound it is inspired by  J Dilla as much as Kenny Larkin. The project also has an eye on UK club music, or as Mark calls it UK bass music; for he believes there is a common thread that runs through UK dance music in attitude to bass and rhythm as heard in jungle, broken beat, dub step, house and garage, an attitude that is also present here. (from


A1 Dirtbox
A2 Arc Light
B1 The Returners
B2 Wobbz

Harmonic 313 – Dirtbox.mp3

BUY The Dirtbox EP available now right here


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