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JOSH DEEP’S 2009 NEEDS LOVE MIX (free download)

In posse on 2008/12/31 at 12:49 pm


Deeper Soul Recordings man about town Josh Deep blessed The Incubator with this little mix today, made with love. He says…

So, I was sitting around thinking about this last year, and damn, this shit was kinda crazy!!!And then I started thinking about the holidays and what would make 2009 much better…..and the verdict was Love!!!!  So, inspired I grabbed some records, warmed up the Bozak and got to work and the result  is this little mix for all of you.  Nothing crazy rare, just great songs for you and yours. Careful now, this mix has already caused a few crash lip collisions, involuntary pelvic movements, and secret crushes to become full blown love affairs.  So whether you need new love, to get rid of stale love, need some side love, what ever it is, make this your year!!

Happy New Year to everyone, and reach out and grab someone!!!

Peace now,

Josh Deep


  1. Yo can you re-up this mix? The link’s expired….thx…

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