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Brand new Mos Def: Quiet Dog (free download)

In posse on 2009/01/16 at 3:18 am


M O S D E F peace. i was born in brooklyn new york in 1973. ive been working professionally as an artist for nearly 20 years. ive been very blessed to work with some of the worlds brightest talents and many of my personal heroes. thus far ive been nominated for 2 grammys, a golden globe, an emmy, and a source award among others. i was awarded a peabody award for my work on the hbo series “def poetry” and won an obie award for the suzan lori parks play “fucking A”.

i was on broadway in another suzan lori play “topdog underdog” w/ my man jeffrey wright and directed by my other man george C. “big daddy” wolfe in 2002. the play won the pulitzer prize that year. we performed it in london the following year. im proud to have been apart of it. ive done work in film and television as well w/ folks like bill cosby and the late great nell carter to name a few. like i said ive been blessed and im grateful. mashaallah. i just wanna say i appreciate all the love and good vibrations that folks have been sendin my way thru the years on this particular journey and im wishin you all peace love and power in your own journey as well. the elders say “love em all,trust a few,and fear none”….thats wassup. one love. peace.


  1. I’d like to thank you for being amongst the most influential artists in my journey not only as a vocalist but a human being. You amongst a select number of people, through your honest art have inspired me to reach for greatness and expect it in me. Your music is not only though provoking, but timeless in not only what you say but how it connects with the musical aspect of me, which is non other than my soul or my spirit. Thank you once again for sharing your gift which moves me into moving mountains, and in so doing shines light that hopefully creates a better world. May the heavens bless you

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