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dillwpR.I.P James”J Dilla” Yancey, who died on this day, February 10th, 2006.

James Yancey will be forever be known as J Dilla. He was born in Detroit. His music was the most revered sound in hiphop from the mid-nineties until today. He had worked with everyone from Tribe called Quest to Busta Rhymes, De la Soul, Common even Janet Jackson. His two solo albums for BBE records are classics and his Donuts album for Stones Throw is considered genre defining. Donuts, was completed during one of his extended hospital stays. Dilla suffered from Lupus. It was released on February 7, his 32nd birthday. Three days later, while at his Los Angeles home with his mother (MaDukes), he passed away.

It sure is hard to honor a man who had already done so much musically in his life (and there are many online tributes as we speak), but Los Angeles musicians and J Dilla devotees Carlos Nino & Miguel Atwood Ferguson have certainly made their tribute count. With the help of ArtDontSleep and Mochilla, the two have produced a four song orchestral EP of music originally produced by James “Jay Dilla” Yancey, building on 2 free downloadble songs that have already done the rounds. The pair will also perform the EP, along with other Dilla compositions, with a 36 piece orchestra at a live concert in Los Angeles on February 22nd at the  Luckman Fine Arts Complex. The EP is already available on  available on iTunes and all proceeds go directly to Ma Dukes. You can make pre-orders for the CD/LP here. 



1. Find a Way

2. Antiquity

3. Fall in Love

4. Nag Champa

Carlos Nino & Miguel Atwood Ferguson – Nag Champa


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