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Back like I never left + Karriem Riggins – Music Kaleidoscope mix

In posse on 2009/03/22 at 4:01 am

Yes. I admit it. I have indeed been slacking up in here, but not without a very good reason. As of April 1st, I will be moving across town for some new digs in NDG, leaving behind a decade of Plateau life in Montreal. Big tings. Anyways, there’s been a lot of shifting and running around this month and the blog has suffered some neglect as a result. This will change of course, as the dust settles and I get back to a more settled life. In the meantime, enjoy this dirty, polychromatic mix of soul, funk, hip hop, jazz and beats from Detroit-bred drummer/producer/MC Karriem Riggins and I’ll get back to icing the cake with the quickness.

859743608_l Karriem Riggins – Music Kaleidoscope mix

via TFB

  1. Great link.

  2. Just like you said, big tings.

  3. Everything related to this gentleman ,makes his name even greater.
    Got anecdotes about him when i met him he was around 17 or 18 years old and that was in 94 at Rennes ,that was his first time in Europe…he was playing the drum for Roy Hargrove , Ron Blake …
    Few times i have noticed him playing for Common in different videos and events on Youtube.
    Now getting known as the next big thing .

    Hey Scott !!! When r u Booking Mr. Riggins for The Goods ?

  4. God bless youtube… that’s how he looked back in 94.
    With the same Crew … i mean Roy Hargrove Quintet …Ron blake ,Reuben Rogers and Roy Hargrove of course…

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