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Kenny Powers lament

In posse on 2009/03/23 at 2:57 am


I recently discovered the comic tragedy that is Kenny Powers on HBO’s Eastbound & Down. His fall from professional baseball superstar to high school gym teacher is easily the funniest shit on TV right now. Kenny, played by rising talent Danny McBride, is a cocksure mix of eye of the tiger bravado, southern good ol’ boy, and simple ass backwards arrogance and stupidity. That and a mullet, has kept me entertained for 5 episodes, and I’m ready for more. The show is executive produced by Will Ferrell, but thankfully he keeps his cameos to a minimum. I think we’ve had enough of him, no? Danny McBride is the star here, playing the misunderstood redneck Kenny so convincingly, that you have to love him. Check it out…

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