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Flying Lotus in Montreal July 11th with My Man Henri…

In music, posse on 2009/06/19 at 8:18 am

16806144As usual, the run up to the next Red Bull Music Academy (London 2010!) isn’t complete without a few special events to show the calibre of this annual international event. Coming up on July 11th at Club Lambi, Montreal welcomes Los Angeles’ premier experimental beat-head Flying Lotus to town, where he’ll most certainly blow some wigs, just like the first time he came. He’ll be joined by the always crisp and clean Henri Brisard aka My Man Henri, who has a penchant for filthy, 92bpm beats with a limp. Please do not make the mistake of sleeping through this one.


  1. […] just keeping up to date on my man Scott C’s blog, and boom! the news of the day… (ok it was a slow news […]

  2. FUCK ME i’ll be back in NY then!!!

    might have to return just for this!

  3. I AM SO STOKED FOR THIS. i have a concert, beirut, right before this. hopefully beirut ends early. GAAAAAAAAAAAAH RIGHTEOUS!

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