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Catching up with serendipity

In posse on 2009/09/20 at 3:31 pm


This past week, I had the pleasure of catching up with one of my oldest childhood friends when he came to visit for a few days in Montreal. Mark, who was my partner in crime growing up in the then new world of 1980’s suburban Ajax Ontario, was passing through Montreal with his wife Margie, and his 9 year old daughter Indy. He recently sold a successful business and rented out his Whistler home for the next year, deciding to dive head first into life on the road, with a plan to travel for the next 14 months across the highways of North America and beyond in a Volkswagen van with his family and dog. Most people I know who uproot themselves and relocate are either desperately trying to escape the reality they’ve created for themselves, or are so far in debt that its the only real option. Mark and his clan plan to enjoy themselves, and take their time doing so, and for that simple fact, I envy him.


In some weird fluke of happenstance, upon arriving Margie figured out that the guy who lives upstairs from us with his wife and two kids, is the son of her mother’s best friend in Ajax. Further digging unearthed not only that he was from Ajax, but that he attended the same high school as me and Mark, a mere 2 years behind us. I was just speechless. I still haven’t been able to fully place him in my minds eye, but something tells me it will all make sense soon. He’s in Madagascar right now, but when he gets back you know some time will be set aside to get nostalgic about good ‘ol Ajax.

Hopefully, we’ll be joining Mark and family in Mexico in the coming months, but until them, I hope the road is good to them.



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