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Inbeat Record Store R.I.P – Christian Pronovost breaks it down

In music, news, posse on 2010/07/22 at 11:10 am

Christian Pronovost


Born in 1987 with the intention of changing the sound of the city + promoting the dj culture as an artform , Inbeat revolutionized the established order by not only importing + selling music but by providing a place where people could exchange: ideas, tastes + opinions and create a community.

In 2010 there are still lots of really exciting “vinyl only” new releases every week but our city doesn’t have the market for it / our community doesn’t really care for it, therefore (…) let’s collect hard disks and usb keys.

Not surprising in these dark digital days but a sad reflection of our city club dj non-interest in music . don’t fooled yourself, only a fraction of the music produced is available on digital stores ! every week there is still dozens of “limited” & “vinyl only” releases that will never come out in digital format.

Our goal always has always remained the same : to offer a slection of some of the finest releases available everyweek + keeping in mind the ever growing genres + sub genres of underground music. We tested our market with many different styles + experienced with many trends: uk soul / rare grooves / jazz dance / reggae / drum& bass hardcore / hip hop / uk garage & dubstep but it’s for “house music” that the store received its worldwide recognition.

The Inbeat concept was simple: strict diet of the new sounds emmerging from chicago house with some of the mecanical sounds of detroit techno with the best of new york underground garage mixed heavy dose of european + british cutting edge sound all spiced up with special jazz latin african jamaican spices. that special recepe of the newly opened inbeat changed forever the sound of montreal from alternative and dance to a house nation !

Inbeat also promoted dj’s as artist = pushed them to developp their own sound their own status. Before inbeat most dj’s were relying on clubs to provide: Records , Headphones, Needles and Gear ! We always pushed for dj to buy their own recors, have their own headphones, promote themself as freelance dj. For many years Inbeat inc was a bank too ! Financing the clubs + the dj’s providing them with credit (lot of it !! lol) so they could get the newest music inbeat was also about the space , the meeting point . The Inbeat HQ providing a space + time for pro dj’s + bedroom dj’s to rub shoulders a vitial + crucial missing link in today’s routine…

That “digital” movement is a very North American driven phenomena… For the past 5 years most of the “original” record stores + distributor in the US and Canada have ceased their operation due the lack of business + interest in the format. Are dj’s lazy ? Surely but not more that the average human. We go for the easy, cheap way, it’s human nature! Which probably explains the success of soulseek, limewire, etc…

For every digital file sold there’s hundreds of the same file shared! It’s the new democratic world of music! Equal chances to all … sorry, but that is bullshit! Sorry but all the files + your 80GB hard drive + the best laptop won’t make you a dj. Well i guess we’re are entering to the end of the artform of dj’ing. Anyway new programs now provide dj’s with endless possibilities and hopefully some of them will push the limits of technologie as much as we did the simple us of two technics SL-1200 .

So why does Berlin still have so many record stores? Why are Europeans still interested in the format? Regardless of the economical reality of vinyl versus digital, I still think that real dj’s + music lovers are first + foremost looking for fresh music not matter of the format … so what happened ?

Vinyl aficionados turned into Digital Download rats pretending that they are part of an elite club eligible to get all the advance + newly released music.

So here we are in an era of music consumption, where a laptop has replaced the skills and expertise of the vinyl giants mentioned. but did it really replace the skill and expertise of these individuals? I highly doubt it. The memory and experience of 20 years of selling music to the public, and the human interaction involved within the process of doing so will serve as the basis to evaluate the music of today, tomorrow, and the future. Now every single dj and music fan is forced to evaluate, find, and listen to thousands of releases individually. Furthermore, whats even sadder is the constantly reinforced idea that it all dosent matter anymore. We still need record stores, and we still love them. That is the truth. We simply still love vinyl. These are the dj’s favorite djs. the guys that actually made your favorite dj’s who they are ….

Christian Pronovost

Inbeat Staff (1987-2010)

martin chartrand
patrice aubertin
stephane “soundshaper” cumming
michel croteau
daniel “danny boy” lussier
pierre pepin
patrick dream
nat jane
alain vinet
mark anthony
miguel graca
bettina costanzo
dj lafleche
fred everything
frank famery
rob brown
eric “dj xl” paquette
tony desypris
francois “dr love” fluet
scott free
pat boogie
mighty kat
bic flores
phil larochelle
simon perreault
alexis “lexis” charpentier
nadir “ostrich”
philippe “philgood” granja

Time for the “Fat lady to sing”

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