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XTOTL Worldwide’s blasts from the past

In art/design on 2010/07/22 at 9:48 am

I meant to write about New Zealand born illustrator and designer Toby Morris a long time ago, but ended up getting sidetracked by his work. On his blog, XTOTL Worldwide, he’s in the process of immortalizing characters from his own life in a project called “200 People I Used to Know.”I love this because its a simple concept that all of us can relate to, executed with humor and style. Each colorful character plucked from Toby’s life experience is accompanied by a short anecdote to explain why they’re included in the project in the first place, with some a more interesting than others. All in all, I think it continues to be a clever exercise in creative nostalgia.

Swimming champion, Tawa Intermediate classmate, 1993
I haven’t really had a proper one-on-one fist-fight for 17 years. That’s more than half my life ago.
The last one was with Jarrod Brown, local swimming star and all-round intense dude – I did the old playground basketball trick where you hold someone’s trackpants just as they shoot so they jump right out of them, and Jarrod didn’t like it one bit. No news spreads faster than a playground fight and soon the whole school was watching us slug it out. It was pretty even and the bell rang before we really finished it, but I remember feeling weirdly exhilarated and triumphant afterwards.

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