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Montreal gold: She’s Got a Habit – Blindfold Test EP (free download)

In music, posse on 2010/07/23 at 1:25 pm

She's Got a Habit is Martin Rodriguez, Emma Frank and Andy Bauer

I remember sitting down with vocalist Emma Frank and producer Martin Rodriguez a few summers ago at a cafe by my old apartment to talk about a project they were working on. She’s Got a Habit is that project, a production rich, melancholy creep that features the haunting vocals of Emma as the center of attention. Now, this is clearly something that MTL has yet to produce: deep, subtle and soulful vocals backed with strong production and great songwriting. Comparisons to Little Dragon certainly can’t hurt this solid team, but I believe their unique sound can only grow into something much more powerful and engaging than it already is. Please check them out and let me know what you think. We’ll be watching them rise to the top…

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